About Us

We are a family-owned auto detailer and car wash in Oak Creek, WI. Interspec Auto Details LLC wants to be there for you, so you can “Experience New Every Time!”

Established in 2007 and re-launched in March of 2015, Interspec challenged existing businesses in Milwaukee and Oak Creek Wisconsin by providing top quality details and car washes at the best prices in town.

Over 95% of 1st time customers become repeat customers because of the Interspec philosophy:

“Service is more than a business transaction; it should be a rewarding customer experience.”

We are the premier automobile detail and hand car wash business servicing in:

We use only top-of-the-line cleaning materials.  We offer a satisfaction guarantee on our washes because every service is inspected and approved by customer and management.

We use only top-of-the line cleaning materials. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on our detailing. Complete when both customer and management approve.

Our customers will have the peace of mind in knowing that Interspec has their back.  We offer automotive repair information by researching the customers’ concerns regarding their vehicle.  We will also afford our customers an A-list of reputable and affordable mechanics locally.  This service will most benefit our customers from becoming prey to dishonest mechanics and technicians.

When it is time to sell a vehicle, Interspec will restore the customer’s auto to the cleanest possible condition, consolidate all running data acquired from all prior business with us, provide repair information to aid in fixing minor details which will increase the value of each individual auto, and help connect sellers to buyers using our on-line marketplace. There, both buyers and sellers will be able to shop vehicles that have been I-Spec Certified and professionally photographed by us.

This is an exclusive certification provided by Interspec that will be our Authentic Seal of Cleanliness. The I-Spec certification seal makes any seller, buyer, or owner aware of the supreme cleaning and conditioning of an automobile. The customer will come to realize that any auto that bears this seal is at its cleanest level possible.