Q: What is detailing?

A: Car detailing means cleaning your vehicle’s interior and exterior to the finest detail. That means that dust in your vents? Gone. The salt in the carpet? Exhumed! We’ll get your car cleaned like new!

Q: What are the benefits?

A: Did you know your vehicle carries more germs than your bathroom toilet? Studies show that food, dust, pollen, bacteria, etc. are making their home in our vehicles. Did you ever think that where you walk before you enter your car is carried to your car and settles there until cleaned? Auto detailing is considered by many to be the most valuable maintenance program for your vehicle. The theory is true: the cleaner your car, the better it runs!

Q: Do you do painting?

A: No, but we can refer you to our favorite professionals.

Q: Where do you get your products?

A: We use a premier product specialist that services the southeastern Wisconsin Scrub-A-Dubs. They make most of their products in house to give us the freshest clean we can deliver to you!

Q: How long does detailing take?

A: For an average vehicle, we estimate about 6-8 hours. Cars can take a little less time depending on saturation. Vans, trucks, and SUVs can take longer, once again, based on saturation. When a larger vehicle is thoroughly dirty and stained, we have taken up to 14 hours on just one vehicle. These types of details require an overnight stay at our facility. We can give you a better time estimate once we do our pre-detail inspection of the vehicle.

Q: How often should a vehicle be detailed?

A: We recommend a full detail every six months. Like a checkup visit to the dentist, Wisconsin winters can be harsh on our carpets and seats. Likewise, the summer sun can create permanent damage if there is any untreated stains or dirt saturation. Our shampooing treatment and fine-detailing techniques will help elongate your vehicle’s lifespan. Also, it’s a good idea to regularly maintain your vehicle if you ever plan to sell.

Q: How much does detailing cost?

A: For our most popular car detail, our pricing ranges from $104-160 for an interior detail with an exterior hand car wash. Larger vehicles will be from $127-200. Add a wax for $31-40 and you’re good to go! Other detail packages are available and are customizable to your needs. If you can find a lower price within a 30-mile-radius, we’ll match it. We aim to be the best deal possible in the greater Milwaukee area with the best quality work. We love what we do and we want you to.